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EAG Rejuvenation Information


What vehicles are you rejuvenating?

Our facility, team and experience is dedicated to the BMW brand.


What BMWs qualify for the program?


 We welcome all models that are paired with a caring owner. Each vehicle is indivudally approached and a unique outline is provided with our rejuvenation recommendations.

What's the cost for these services?

Initial prices would be transportation to our facility which will vary based on location and season. The secondary expense would be our comprehensive inspection and breakdown of our findings. Armed with these findings a complete rejuvenation road map is provided to our client. 

How long do these projects last?

Timelines are completely contingent  on approved services. Once approved a timeline is shared with an expected completion time. Throughout all processes your vehicle is documented and real-time updates are provided to you. Our Rejuvenation Manager is also always available to perform requests or answer any questions. 

What does your inspection entail?

Excellent question! We spend a significant time with the vehicle to understand its current condition both cosmetically and mechanically. This will involve everything from measuring paint thickness to any procedure required to understand the health of the power plant. We then look at the service history of the vehicle, any modifications or customer suited upgrades. Armed with all of the above we'll recommend how we'd approach preserving the vehicle as well as any additional that'll compliment its purpose to its owner. 

Where do I sign up?

See below or send us a message from the home page! 

Rejuvenation Registration

Please take the time to fill out the information below.

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